Precision Planting

Precision Planting Results

This is the tutorial page for the Precision Planting systems, and the Inside PTI Series.


What is InsidePTI?

InsidePTI S1•E01 | Optimum Corn Planting Date

InsidePTI S1•E02 | Optimum Soybean Planting Date

InsidePTI S1•E03 | DownForce

InsidePTI S1•E04 | High Speed Soybean Planting

InsidePTI S1•E05 | Closing the Furrow - Part 1

InsidePTI S1•E06 | Closing the Furrow - Part 2

InsidePTI S1•E07 | Starter Fertilizer Placement

InsidePTI S1•E08 | Residue Management

InsidePTI S1•E09 | Corn Planting Depth