Massey Ferguson

A full line of farm equipment for everyone from custom farmers to hobby farmers. Big or small, tractors or planters, Massey Ferguson helps you do your work and get on to other things.

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Utility Tractors

Massey Ferguson 2600H Series with a pull behind mower.

2600H Series

Utility Tractor (44-73 hp)

Massey Ferguson 4700 Series with front end loader and pull behind mower.

4700 Series

Utility Tractor (75-100 hp)

Massey Ferguson 2700E Series with a front end loader and pulling a hay rake.

2700E Series

Utility Tractor (49-57 hp)


Massey Ferguson 9000 Series row planter.

9000 Series

Row Planter (6-36 row)

Compact Tractors


1700M Series

Compact Tractor (36-59 hp)


1700E Series

Compact Tractor (34-39 hp)

Massey Ferguson 1500 Series with a pull behind mower.

1500 Series

Compact Tractor (25 hp)

Hay Equipment

MF 2370 Baler

2300 Series Balers

Large Square Baler (3' X 4')


4100V Series

4100V Series Round Silage Baler (4'x5'-4'x6')

MF WR9900 windrower

WR9900 Series

SP Windrower (160-265 hp)

Massey Ferguson 2200 Series large square baler.

2200 Series

Large Square Baler (3X3'-4X4')

Massey Ferguson 1800 Series small square baler.

1800 Series

Small Square Baler (14X18"-15-22")

Massey Ferguson 2900 Series round baler.

2900 Series

Variable Chamber Round Baler (4X6'-5X6')

Massey Ferguson 1300 Series disc mower.

1300 Series

Disc Mower (9.3'-16')

Massey Ferguson DM Series mounted mower.

DM Series

Mounted Mower (9.83'-30.51')

Massey Ferguson RK Series

RK Series

Rotay Rake (11.5'-41')

Massey Ferguson TD Series rotary tedder.

TD Series

Rotary Tedder (8'2"-41'8")

Sub-Compact Tractors


GC1700 Series

Sub-Compact Tractor (22-24 hp)


Massey Ferguson 9505 Series combining beans.

9505 Series

Rotary Combine (Class 7-8)

Massey Ferguson 9255 Series grain head.

9255 Series

Grain Head (25'-40')

Massey Ferguson 3200 Series corn head.

3200 Series

Corn Head (6-12 row)

High Horse-power Tractors


8700S Series

HHP Tractor (270-370 hp)


7700S Series

HHP Tractor (140-255 hp)


6700S Series

HHP Tractor (140-160 hp)

Mid-Range Tractors


6700 Series

Mid-Range Tractor (120-130 hp)


5700S Series

Mid-Range Tractor (110-130 hp)

Massey Ferguson 5700 Series with front end loader.

5700 Series

Mid-Range Tractor (100-110 hp)